Sports Card Database

You can list Sports Cards for Selling Online Faster Than You Thought Possible!

How Fast Can You List Sports Cards? GLE Tech maintains a database of Sports Cards for new and vintage issues. The Sports Card Database tools are part of the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel. Our Sports Card Database automates many of the tasks needed to list a Sports Card for selling on eBay, Amazon, or your own website.

The Sports Card Database contains checklists for Sports Cards manufactured by companies including Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck, Score, Panini, and many others. New checklists are added as soon as they are announced, so you can get your Sports Cards to market before everyone else!

The Sports Card Database now offers Stock Photos for many of the sports cards in our database. This is a never ending project we have undertaken, but it is worth the effort. Our goal is to make listing your sports cards as quick and easy as it can possibly be!

Each Entry Contains:

Set Information.
Card Number.
Player Name(s).
Team Name(s).
Flags for RC, Memorabilia, Autographs.
Print Run.

Our Checklists in the Sports Card Database can be viewed on New Release checklists on are compiled from public information released by the Card Manufacturers. All of these checklists, plus many more, are available for use with the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel. The details we store in our database are used for eBay Item Specifics and detailed information for the Amazon Marketplace when listing sports cards for sale with our tools. New checklists are added as soon as they are available for all new releases of Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey Sports Cards. We are adding past releases on a daily basis.

Using our Sports Card Database to list your Sports Cards simplifies the process and creates a better, more informative listing with a greater chance of selling. You can list individually by selecting from the database, or in bulk with spreadsheets. Once an item is listed and pictures are added your item is completely ready to sell on eBay. If you sell on Amazon you can have it sent automatically to Amazon with our Amazon Sync, and if you have your online online store your listing is automatically added. With our Multiple Channel Control Panel, your listings can be for sale in all of these channels at the same time, increasing the likelihood of a sale!

Screenshot of the Sports Card Database in Action

In this screenshot we are looking at the search results after either searching for the 2014 Topps Dez Bryant Strata Die Cuts issue, or as one entry while viewing the 2014 Topps Football Strata Die Cuts set. Here you can see the information gathered to create the item detail for eBay and Amazon on the sports card add item panel, as well as the ability to research on eBay. You can also store a price for the value of this card, and this pricing can be used to list the item, or just for reference.

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