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Mar 2009 Now Offers Free Online Tools To Simplify Excel Spreadsheet Operations

GLE Tech has been solving problems and making things easier for our clients since 1997. Our Auction and Online Store Platform, not to mention our eBay Listing Tools at, are the backbone of many successful online selling ventures operated by ourselves and our clients.

That said, we really like these new tools!

It all started with a conversation we were having with one of our top clients. Lisa Stellato of Evolution Sports Marketing uses our eBay Listing Tools to create their auctions, but Evolution also uses Beckett services to take advantage of their eBay Listing offer. Lisa explained to us how she could create custom uploads on the Beckett site, but any column that she had concatenated would not work when she uploaded to Beckett. Lisa explained that she did not mind copying and pasting her photo bucket URLS, because it was still faster than dragging and dropping pictures.

We said Wait, Stop! We knew she had the information at hand, and she just had to join it together. We said "Don't copy and paste, we'll make you a tool." Originally intended to be a tool in the Control Panel, we said why not let everyone use it. And so Concatenate It! was born. We followed that up with a Duplicae Removal tool that will strip duplicates from a list, returning only unique records.

We know lots of people that still use Microsoft Excel Starter, as it came with their Windows 7 computer. Excel Starter is limited in function. To remove duplicates or to concatenate can be exceptionally difficult. Not anymore! Our free online tools produce the same result, in way less time, and with way less frustration!




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