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eBay Style Online Charity Auctions Made Easy

It was 2003. Our company GLE Tech had been offering eBay style auction software  for 5 years already. We received a call form a lucky man who was in charge of the yearly United Way campaign for his division in a major corporation. They had run a silent auction in previous years by email and phone! Oh my goodness I thought. That must be insanity to keep track of everything!

So we talked, and it was clear to me that we could help. I offered a solution. I said "why don't we create a private auction site that will only accepts bids people with your company email address, and you can have your auction online on your own website. The software will take the bids just like on eBay, and at the end of the auction it will send invoices and provide reports for you". Or something to that effect, but that was the gist of it. I added that we would support them through the whole process of listing the items, running the auction, and closing it out. And I offered the service for much less than our usual costs.

Done deal.

We ran that auction, and it was a success. They auctioned their preferred parking, lunch or golf with the boss, vacation getaways, and so forth. And raised tens of thousands of dollars. And had their sanity. Everyone was thrilled with the result.

The next year back they came, and we did it again. But we also provided the service for other divisions based on the success of the first. And year after year they come back, and more divisions called to see if we could help.

That is how GLE Tech started helping companies raise money through Charity Auctions. It's an awesome thing to be a part of, raising money for good causes, and helping the volunteers assigned (funny - volunteers assigned - we have all been there) keep their wits and make their task manageable.

GLE Tech has been helping companies and individuals run eBay style online charity auctions over the years. GLE Tech has helped raise millions of dollars for charities by offering our eBay style auction websites for costs discounted from our regular fees. If you or your company has a fundraising event, it would be a great idea to consdier adding an auction component. Contact Mike Carville if you would like to discuss the possibilities.


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Comment by Isaac
- Oh I love them!!!!!! I have been playing anurod with a Diana F+ and can't wait to get the film developed. It is so hard not knowing what you got when you are used to the instant gratification of digital. [url=]xikhpsxed[/url] [link=]sljrzwruwc[/link]
November 28, 2015 10:45:22 AM

Comment by Nillon
- WOW! I love all of these, especially the color ones! I have never shot a film caerma other than the point in shoot I had in jr. high school, but this makes me want to try it out! [url=]ikmkixwaxl[/url] [link=]ytnspjgvmnf[/link]
November 25, 2015 11:31:38 AM

Comment by Vittoria
- I seriously gapsed when I saw this card the first time, i would die to have a picture of my kids that adorable. I sure hope you are blowing it up big and beautiful soon, if so you will have to show us next month when we come visit!!!
November 25, 2015 5:06:35 AM

Comment by Katie
- these are GORG. so amazing. i taotlly understand feeling uninspired when life gets crazy. it feels so good when things fall into place and it comes back to you on your own terms. these feel real and special, and not forced. congrats!
November 23, 2015 1:02:37 PM

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