Selling Sports Cards Online

The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel is designed to make selling sports cards a breeze.

How Fast Can You List Sports Cards?We have spent years developing the fastest sports card listing tools so that you can list new and vintage Sports Cards easily, individually or in bulk. Access our database of Trading Cards and Stock Photos for quick and easy one click listing, or use our spreadsheet tools for lightning fast bulk uploads. Add images automatically at the same time you load spreadsheets.

Amazons settings for sports cards are quite detailed. Proper eBay listings need Item Specifics. When you are using the Control Panel tools to list sports cards these are all set for you automatically.

The tools to list Sports Cards quickly are part of the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel. The Control Panel is available as a free module for single seller sites using the GLE Tech StoreFront, or as a stand alone manager if all you want to do is prepare and manage listings for selling on eBay and/or Amazon.

Automatically prepares listings for eBay and Amazon with preset settings and categories.
List individually or in bulk with spreadsheets.
Stock Photos available for many sports cards.
Send to eBay individually or in bulk.
Automatically send your entire inventory to Amazon.
Description Templates for Superior Item Display.
Free Image Hosting and eBay Scheduling.
Completely manage Amazon and eBay sales from Invoices to feedback.
There are NO extra commissions on sales.
Import current eBay listings directly into the Control Panel.
We guide you through every step from day one with individual training and personal demonstration.


Multi Quantity Listings

eBay's Multiple Quantity Listings allow a seller to group inventory of a similar brand or product together in one listing. Now that this is available to Trading Card sellers, listings can be easily created from your inventory. Up to 250 items in your inventory can be included, but it only counts for one listing on eBay. This same inventory can be on other Selling Channels at the same time.

Multichannel Selling

The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel connects directly with eBay, Amazon, as well as other selling channels. The software checks all selling channels for sold items and updates your inventory accordingly. This allows you to have items in multiple channels at the same time!


Talk to Us

These tools can help many of you work smarter not harder. The best way to find out if any of this can help you and your operation is to contact us, or call us at 239-634-2172 (US Eastern time zone). We'll go over what you are doing, what you want to accomplish, and see if the tools can help you.

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