Free Online Text Case Converter Tool

A free online tool to change the case of text from a list.

What it Does

If you run into a scenario where you have a whole bunch of text in the wrong case, this tool might just help you convert it to the way you want. This tool will change the case of text in a list to lower case, upper case, or capitalize it, or change the first letter of every sentence to a capital letter.

How to Use:

Paste a list of lines into the box. You can copy any text list or column from an Excel Spreadsheet or other spreadsheet tool.

I want to:
Change to Lower Case
Change to Upper Case
Capitalize the First letter of each word in a Line
Capitalize the first letter of each sentence in a paragraph.

(Each sentence must end with a period to be adjusted. Only so much one can do with paragraphs here. It will not be perfect regarding names etc, but it could help.)

Paste List:

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