Sell on eBay with the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel

The Multiple Channel Control Panel has all of the tools you need to make selling on eBay easy and profitable.

The Multiple Channel Control Panel is an eBay Compatible Application. This means that eBay has reviewed our Tools and their security, and eBay has put their stamp of approval on them!

Our tools allow you to manage most every aspect of your eBay business without ever going to eBay! You can list inventory quickly, send to eBay in bulk, and in any listing format. We have eBay Description templates that allow to get very creative and present your items and yourself in a very professional manner. With our tools you can schedule listings to start when you want, and never pay an eBay fee for scheduling. You can also build an inventory of any size in the Control Panel, and have the listings available to send when eBay offers free listings.

As a selling channel on Multiple Channel Control Panel, your inventory can be sold across many selling channels, with Automatic Inventory Management across all channels keeps your inventory up to date!



eBay Auctions

Inventory can be sent to eBay as an auction listing for 1 to 7 days. Inventory automaticaly paused on other selling channels.

Buy It Now

Inventory can be sent to eBay as a Fixed Price listing. Inventory available on all Selling Channels with this format.

Make An Offer

Any Fixed Price eBay listing can have offers enabled, along with Auto Accept and Decline settings.

Copy Listings

Create new inventory by copying existing inventory in your Control Panel. Just like eBay Sell Similar, this tool also copies the settings for all other selling channels you use. This saves a lot of time, and is perfect for memorabilia items.

Bulk Upload

Inventory can be created with spreadsheets. Templates are provided that include information for all selling channels that you use. Great when you are listing a lot of similar items. The sellers that use this tool swear by it!

Item Specifics

eBay Item Specifics make a listing more visible. Suggestions available for any eBay category. Trading Card Item Specifics created automatically when using our listing tools.

Description Templates

Supports simple and styled eBay Description Templates allowing your item's description to be used on an any selling channel. The item description is inserted into the eBay Description Template of your choice when being sent to eBay.

Bulk Send

Your inventory can be sent to eBay one at a time as you create it, or in bulk after loading spreadsheets of new inventory. You can also search for items not currently on eBay to bulk relist.


eBay Listings can be scheduled to be sent to eBay up to two weeks in advance. There are no scheduling fees (unlike the 10 cent fee per item on eBay itself). Prepare your auctions in the daytime, then schedule them for evening start times. You can even set an interval to stagger the start of the listings.

Multi Quantity Listings

eBay's Multiple Quantity Listings allow a seller to group inventory of a similar brand or product together in one listing. Now that this is available to Trading Card sellers, listings can be easily created from your inventory. Up to 250 items in your inventory can be included, but it only counts for one listing on eBay. This same inventory can be on other Selling Channels at the same time.

Multichannel Selling

The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel connects directly with eBay, as well as other selling channels. The software checks eBay for sold items and updates your inventory across all channels. This allows you to have items in multiple channels at the same time!


Talk to Us

There is a lot more that we know! We have been playing the eBay game for 15 years. Our knowledge and tools can help an eBay seller of any level. Anyone is welcome to call us at 239-634-2172. We are always glad to have a conversation to see what we can do for you.