Sell on Amazon with the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel

Selling Collectibles on Amazon is easy with the Multiple Channel Control Panel

The Amazon Marketplace is a lot more than just a place to buy books, movies, and music. Amazon is now a marketplace for anything under the sun. Online sellers need to take notice, and not miss out on the sales opportunity.

Amazon is very seller friendly. The Amazon team is behind you all the way with excellent support and marketing tools. GLE Tech is an Amazon Integrator, which means that we can help anyone get started on Amazon, migrate to Amazon, or just be a resource while you manage your Amazon Listings and Sales. Our Multiple Channel Control Panel is a fantastic set of tools that make it all possible.

Cost Benefits

There are many great things about Amazon, but our favorite is the cost. A Professional Selling Account on Amazon is just $39.95 per month, with UNLIMITED listings. You list your inventory, it goes to Amazon automatically with our tools. Then list some more. There is no waiting for the next free listing special deal. The deal is on everyday with Amazon.

Specializing in Collectibles

Amazon classifies every type of item that is sold on the Amazon Marketplace. Each listing type has different requirements. We specialize in supporting listing types for Collectibles - Trading Card singles, sets, and unopened boxes, Coins, Sports and Entertainment Memorabilia.

Amazon listings for Memorabilia, Collectibles and other listing formats require a lot of information. This makes a better listing, and provides buyers the information they need to make purchases, and it helps Amazon sort everything out so they can help buyers navigate Amazon. Don't let that scare you off, because Our Multiple Channel Control Panel has easy to use listing forms and bulk listing with custom spreadsheets that automate a lot of that. If you list Sports Cards or Coins through our databases, then all of that is taken care of automatically.

eBay Import

We are experts at importing your existing inventory and converting it to the proper Amazon format. We can import from just about anywhere, but most often we import from eBay. When importing from eBay we will import all of your eBay settings, images, and your item description. We then classify your inventory into the different Amazon listing types, and clean your eBay description (remove Auctiva and other information not about your listing itself). We will set your Amazon price to whatever level you decide for you with a formula based solution or simple percentage increases. Once the configuration is complete, your inventory is uploaded to Amazon. The Control Panel starts to monitor for sales and manage your inventory immediately.

The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel connects directly with Amazon, as well as other selling channels. The software checks Amazon for sold items and updates your inventory across all channels. This allows you to have items in multiple channels at the same time!


Talk to Us

There is a lot more that we know! Our knowledge and tools can help an Amazon seller of any level. Anyone is welcome to call us at 239-634-2172. We are always glad to have a conversation to see what we can do for you.