Sell on Bonanza with the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel

Selling on Bonanza is easy with the Multiple Channel Control Panel

Bonanza has been around since 2008, and is essentially an eBay style buying site (no auctions) with some small changes. Bonanza was bold enough that for the most part, category numbers and Item Specifics set for eBay can be used on Bonanza.

Our experience is that it is a very well done venue, and their API was top notch.

Cost Benefits

Bonanza is an unbelievably affordable selling channel.

There are no listing fees or monthly costs unless you choose enhancements. You can get up to 75,000 listings with the free tier.

You choose the commission. The higher amount you choose gets more advertising. You only pay when make sales.

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Multichannel Selling

The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel connects directly with Bonanza, as well as other selling channels. The software checks Bonanza for sold items and updates your inventory across all channels. This allows you to have items in multiple channels at the same time!


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