Where should a Sports Card Dealer Sell Online? Comparing Beckett, eBay, Amazon, ComC, and Websites

When a person selling sports cards online graduates from collector to dealer status, there are decisions to be made. Long time Sports Card Dealers face the same questions.

What is the best way to make the most sales online, with minimum cost and effort?

We have been working this problem for more than 15 years. As UltimateCardsAndCoins.com we are online sellers, and at GLE Tech, we provide a Multiple Channel Control Panel to help online sellers manage their inventory across multiple venues. There are hundreds of such programs, but at GLE Tech we focus on the Sports Card and Coin dealer, providing access to databases that make listing a lot of inventory much easier.

The following is an overview of the top services available to Sports Card Dealers. There are hundreds or thousands available, but we believe these are the top 1%. Any information provided about these services is to the best of our knowledge. Please check the individual sites for exact costs and policies.


ComC is a fantastic service that will do all of the work for you. They will list your sports cards, assist you with pricing them, and offer your cards for sale on their marketplace. Fees include some storage charges, and a fee to cash out and get your money. The disadvantage for a Sports Card Dealer at Comc is the time it takes to convert your inventory to cash.


eBay is the probably the first venue that everyone thinks about. If you list your inventory on eBay, you will get sales. They just might not be in the amount you are looking for due to competition. eBay has evolved over the years into the driving force of so many marketplaces. eBay is the prime example of a venue where you really have to have a plan to control costs. eBay has significant listing fees that vary depending on the package you choose, and middle of the road commissions on sales when your items sell. eBay does offer free listings in various formats that help keep the costs down.


Amazon made its name in books and music early on, but they redefined themselves over the years and have become a venue that you should check before making a lot of different types of purchases. Recently, Amazon has been putting significant effort into developing a marketplace for collectables. While Amazon fees are a little higher, the fees do include the cost of taking the payment (No PayPal Fees!), the cost to list is negligible. With a Professional account on Amazon, the fee charged is $39.95 per month for unlimited listings! It has been our experience that the support sellers receive on Amazon is far superior to any other site we have worked with.

Your Own Website

We believe selling on your own website should be everyone's ultimate goal. As you become established your customers can come directly to you, see your entire inventory, and your cost per sale should be dramatically lower. The hard part of course is to get the buyers on your website. Once you get them there it is up to you to have the inventory at the right price to entice sales. In a perfect world your website sales will grow as you grow, and should exceed your sales on paid venues. This takes marketing, attention to detail, and time.

Listing Services for Sports Cards

Sports Cards grow on trees. Maybe not, but it certainly seems that they do. Sports Card Dealers always end up with piles of cards to get listed, and little time to do it. The bottom line is that if you are going to list a lot of sports cards you are going to type a lot, or use a tool that helps you list.

Listing with Beckett

Beckett is an industry icon that defined the hobby from the beginning. Beckett has the most complete database of sports cards in the industry. You can utilize the Beckett tools to list in their marketplace, or choose one of their packages to use Beckett to list your eBay items. If you goal is to list tens of thousands of sports cards on eBay for a reasonable cost, you cannot do better than using the Beckett services. They can get your listing costs per item to a penny or less.

There are three drawbacks to listing on eBay through Beckett. One is they charge a fee on top of the eBay fees when you sell an item. The second is that the Beckett arrangement with eBay is exclusive, and you cannot list the sames sports cards on Amazon through Beckett. The third is that eBay listings made by Beckett can only be Fixed price listings. You can not run eBay auctions with listings from Beckett.

GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel

Disclaimer. This is our software. We have been developing the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel for over 15 years. The tools can be useful to anybody, but they are geared to listing Sports Cards and Coins. The tools are multiple channel which means you can sell on eBay, Amazon, and your own website and have your inventory up to date on all of your selling channels automatically. You can make 1 listing, and it is ready to sell where you sell.

You will get more done in less time using our databases of Sports Cards and Coins. List on specialized listing forms, through the database with one click listing, or bulk upload using spreadsheet templates.

Your listings are automatically added to your online store. You can send to eBay in bulk, in any listing format, and even schedule eBay auctions to start at the time of your choice (this costs 10 cents per item on eBay unless you start them yourself). With Amazon, you can turn on our sync, which automatically sends your listing to Amazon.

All of this is yours to use an a cost controlled environment with no extra commissions on sales.

The Bottom Line

There is never going to be one solution that will meet everyone's needs. Larger dealers may very well use all of the services we have outlined. The best way to find out if our tools are right for you is to talk to us. We will know if we have a match right away.