Control Panel Features and Video

This is a list of the main Control Panel tools, and instructional videos showing how they are used.

The Control Panel is an online inventory manager that allows you to list your inventory one time, and sell it on multiple selling channels, such as eBay, Amazon, and your own website.

If you use all of the features, you may not find the need to go to My eBay or Amazon Seller Central very often. Many of our clients only utilize some of the features available to them, and still consider the Control Panel an invaluable tool.






Storefront Settings
For use with the StoreFront website option. Set default settings that are applied as you list items for shipping costs and offers.

Miscellaneous Settings
The island of misfit toys. Well not really, but this is a place for settings that do not merit an entire section of there own. Default Image Size settings are here, as well as configuration for the order and content of eBay and Amazon listing titles generated by the database listing tools.

Image Library
Upload images for use in your eBay Description templates, your Invoices and emails, and even on your items. Once stored, you are given the direct link and HTML code to use for display.

Invoice and Email Templates
Add your logo or anything else to the Invoice you can print through the Order Manager, or the emails sent when you contact a buyer.

eBay Description Templates
eBay Descriptions are more than just about the item for sale. They are about you and your company. Here you can create templates that are used when sending items to eBay. Item information is inserted into place holders along with the rest of your content.

Amazon Tools

Amazon Settings
Set the Amazon Account settings, as well as default item settings used when loading spreadsheets or sports cards or coins from the database. Here you can choose to assign UPC Codes to items automatically, and to Sync with Amazon to automatically send your Sports Card or Coin listings to Amazon as they are added.

Download Items
Download an Excel spreadsheet of your Sports Card or Coin inventory for use with Amazon Flat File upload. More listing types are in development.

Amazon Feeds
Report section that tells you the status of your communication with Amazon.

eBay Tools

Suggested Categories
A popup to search for eBay category numbers to use with your listing.

eBay Settings
Set the basic information eBay needs for each listings. Payment Information, Return Policy, Default Shipping settings, and Promotional Shippings settings are stored, then applied to items as you list. Each item can be edited for specific settings if they have different shipping costs, policies, etc..

Update eBay Item Settings
A place to apply changes to to eBay settings across some or all items in your inventory.

Import eBay Items
Import existing eBay listings by Item ID into your Control Panel inventory.

eBay Store Categories
Import your eBay Store Categories from eBay. Used to help you choose categories when listing or editing inventory.

eBay Business Policies
Relatively new to eBay, eBay Business Policies are a far superior way to manage shipping, return and payment settings. In this section you can import all of your policies setup on eBay, which can then be assigned to your listings.

eBay Schedule/Results
When items are sent to eBay they can be sent immediately, or scheduled to send in the future. This reporting section shows the status and results of these uploads.

eBay Multiple Quantity Listings
There is a new type of item on eBay that allows you to have up to 250 items from one brand (think card set), in one listing, with prices, quantity, and pictures for each item. All for one listing fee. This is perfect for sports cards.

Inventory Tools

Searching By Category/Editing Categories

Manage Categories
For use with the StoreFront website option. Listing Sports Cards or Coins with the database tools automatically creates categories for the items. Here you can edit the category display, or add categories for listing other items.

Add an Item
Add any type of item to your inventory with this generic form. These items will need to be configured for eBay and Amazon manually. There are also forms to add generic Sports Card and Coin items.

Load Images
Load images in bulk to existing listings. This tool was designed to fix listings with broken or missing pictures, but it can be used for other things as well.

Remove Items
Items can be removed from your inventory in bulk by entering a list of Item IDs or Inventory Numbers that you have assigned. When this tool is used, the items are removed or marked sold, and ended on eBay, Amazon, and your own website.

Inventory Search and reporting
Your inventory can be searched by a combination of any number of fields (Title, Category, Price Range, ID or Inventory Number and so forth). From the search results you can make quick edits, or perform tasks such as Send to eBay, Sync with Amazon, Download Spreadsheet, or Remove. You can also view by Status (Auction, Sold etc.), and view and create various reports.

Spreadsheet Tools

You add to or manage your inventory with Excel spreadsheets.

Upload Inventory
This spreadsheet will list any type of item, configure it for selling on eBay, and add images at the same time.

Trading Card Upload
Working with our Trading Database, you can quickly add hundreds of Sports Cards at once. All you need to enter is our Set ID, a card number, quantity, price, anmd image file name. This is exceptionally fast when breaking sets, or adding multiples from the same set. The Sports Card listings will be ready to sell on eBay, Amazon, and your StoreFront website (optional)

Edit Inventory
Edit existing inventory with this spreadsheet, by Item ID or Inventory Number. This is a great way to update quantity and pricing, or entire listings.

Update Stored Prices
In the Sports Card Database you can download a spreadsheet of cards from entire set, or even from a search result. In that spreadsheet you can add prices, then upload back to your Control Panel. These prices can be used for reference, or for automatic pricing.

Upload UPC Codes
If you need or want to use UPC Codes with Amazon listings, you can upload a list of your UPC Codes. These will be assigned automatically as you add inventory.

Database Tools

The U.S. Coin Database organizes coins by type, and connects to listing forms configured at create detailed listings for eBay, Amazon, and your own website. It is a simple as click, add a price, and upload your images. Your listing is ready for sale. It is automatically added to your StoreFront website if you have one, sent to Amazon if you chose to sync, and ready to send to eBay.

Trading Cards
The Trading Card Database stores information on millions of Sports Cards. When using the tools your listing is automatically categorized, and listing titles, eBay Item Specifics, and detailed Amazon listing information are added to your listing. Add a price and an image or two, and you are ready to go.

The Trading Card Database has numerous tools to list Sports and Non Sports Cards. The best tool to use will depend on what you are doing. Are you breaking a set, listing sports cards from numerous sets? As part of your free personal training, we will show you all the tools so you can decide what tool is best for your task at hand. It may be the Spreadsheet Tools, or it may be quicker to add Sports Cards one at a time. The end result is the same. As with lisitng coins, your sports card listing is ready for sale. It is automatically added to your StoreFront website if you have one, sent to Amazon if you chose to sync, and ready to send to eBay.


Trading Card Database Card Search

Listing a Card with the Trading Card Database

Managing Inventory with the Trading Card Database

Using Set Search


Player Index
For use with the StoreFront website option. By adding a player to your index, the player will be added to their own category when listing through the Sports Card Database, or when indexing from the tool. The end result is a Players section on your website. Derek Jeter can than be found in the Players > Baseball > Derek Jeter category.

Quick Card Add
Sometimes it is quicker to type a little. This form will allow you to enter a minimum amount of information, and your listings are configured for sale automatically from this information.

Saved Spreadsheet
If you are listing Sports Cards from this set and that, the Saved Spreadsheet tool will allow you to store the selection, and when done, download a spreadsheet that can be uploaded after adding prices and images. This is the kind of tool that makes the best out of a difficult situation.

Order Manager

The Control Panel retrieves orders from all channels where you sell. From the Order Manager you can print invoices individually or in bulk, send shipped emails, leave eBay Feedback in bulk, and send tracking to Amazon.

Sales History
In the Sales history section your sales across all channels are tabulated by month and year. You can see where you are doing best by channel, or what month is strongest for you. You can also search your past sales here to see what you sold when and for how much.